Gen Z, facing our future shame

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

― Søren Kierkegaard

A Small Note

The content of the following article is neither in favor nor against the vaccination campaign but against abusive and irresponsible practices.

A Brief Intro

A Short Interview

During a conversation with a Gen Z, about to turn fourteen of age, I asked him a couple of questions.

R: Why do you want to get vaccinated?

Gen Z, from Spain, does it because “all his colleagues have been vaccinated”

R: And what benefits do you think it will bring you?

“To begin with, they will stop locking me at home and to continue I will not go through the tests again, which are very annoying and they push the stick to your brain”

A Silly Thought

Relatively recently on the historical scale, doctors cut wrists to “draw” or “air” blood in favor of healing.

In the sixties-seventies, of this century ours, they still tied your forearm tightly and removed from your veins about four to six bottles of vital fluid: do you remember dizziness or feeling a tingling under the tongue and extreme pressure in the sphenoid temples?

By LadyofHats Mariana Ruiz Villarreal – Public Domain,

Today there are measuring machines for home use, which with a drop or a simple jab on the tip of the finger: they give the same result as the previous operations.

Let alone the lobotomies that cured stress in the 1950s or the anti-human experiments practiced during the second war in the concentration camps: always with the aim of saving the lives of many or such great and noble purposes.

A Netflix Reference

In order not to make things too complicated: the movie Stonehearst Asylum masterfully portrays the workings of the medical system: an X-titled doctor comes, with a list of Y-instructions approved by the majority: of age, from a health ministry or from the European Union, itself. X, summons A, B, W and what is left at the disposal of the alphabet, serves them copies of their application methods, on which A, B, W and others will intervene according to their capacities.

In general, when bad things happen it is the director of the film or the screenwriter to blame.

A GENuine Concern

By this same order, we are exerting immense social pressure on adolescents like Gen Z, while they continue to trust us. Despite everything, Gen Z love us and want a better world for everyone. Gen Zs don’t want to see us get sick, lose jobs, houses, credits, they don’t want to see desperate adults looking for solutions to feed their families. The Z gens want everything to be fine and that is why they undergo our tests that leave them bleeding or without a brain.

A Big Issue

If tomorrow we discover that Dr X was not really qualified in medicine, what are we going to do, ladies and gentlemen, adults from all over the world? Will we blame the lack of information, education and technological advances? Will we be glad that the poor kids were busy with the Smartphones and thus they have not observed who has pushed the test to the bottom of humanity?

A Straightforward Will

I nurture the hope that if the Gen Z are accidentally transformed into zombies: they will be kind, adorable, good and compassionate as they are and will devour us at once and let the pets be.

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