Farland, far away from feasible

Getting ignorant should be easier

As human being submitted to error, every now and then, I like to ” enclose myself into a narcissistic sphere” ” an imaginary space” like Byung-Chul Han likes to affirm about networking, in his magical analisis, titled In the Swarm.

Mr. Byung, charmingly explains several ways to lose yourself with a Smartphone therefore I use a laptop. Jokes aside, I start to feel truthful despair when it comes to video games at Facebook.

Today , we shall break down the aforementioned Farland.

Step by step stats

This is my village and I ( unproudly) reach a level 50


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love societies, communities and growth, therefore a small magic farm looks like a perfect scene to dive in.

The proposition is about agriculture, animals, building and conquering the map by means of stock. A bit like The Tribez or FarmVille.

If you look after wars and confrontations with other players , Farland is not for you.

Graphics and Design

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The creators did a great job. You are to find beautiful colours and nice arquitectures, if despite my warnings decide to give a go.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

The screen is a bit crowded and you get dizzy by pop-ups, there are no bulk actions and if you leave it be for a limited time, you need to Enter-refresh which makes it worse than a real workplace.

Your main character is expected to be almighty yet has no tools for it. This makes you planting, building, visiting neighbours and spending hours with no immediate satisfaction at all.

Three stars is far away too generous but I am a positive person and always full of hope. Someday the so called Project Manager will read the massive list o complaints from players like me.


Please watch the minute 2, 35 to 2,50

This is the most annoying chapter of the neo capitalism, overmost when applied to gaming.

Is not easy to stand up out of the crowd but let’s face it: they make nice money from traffic and customer support. What is the point to keep scaring the player with dreadful requests? Personally, I love to know my limits yet I hate to feel limited, so why try to forget about a cruel real world and find its copy on nice colours?

Example on how not to do things worse

Ok, the pictures are a quick overview of a simple one request to build, You do this in three or four stages, each one with a huge amount of waiting time.

The Mine above, needs per se, 12-16 hours or better. Add the specifics, one hour for a goat, one hour for a carrots and 40 mins for a butter, and at the end of the row you can easily discover that you need an ingredient that is predicted by the algorithm to happen in the next level up.

Of course, you can sume up real money, which I never do, and for 25 $ you add 20.000 of coins, that uses for a wall out of four. When accounting, you may have burnt your real house to ludopatía.

Mr. Byung is always right

Stating that a device is meant to tore us apart.

This game attacked my immunological system and probably I will end up crying on my psychologist shoulder.

My simple remaining question is, why on Earth is so difficult to make imaginary things easier, so we can truly dive into the ignorance for hours?

And I assume to be wrong

Therefore I shall move on. Facebook kindly advertised me the 8th version of Resident Evil. I am not on shootings and bloody sceneries, yet I raise a new question, this time to programmers, straight forward.

Have you guys forgot the dress code or why is Lady Dimitrescu wearing a bikini in a big dark, creepy, full of zombies, apocalyptic house? Would you really go out to war in a tanga?

Min 2,31

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