What a sad day for humanity

In Tenerife, weeks ago, a father kidnapped his daughters.

They were one and six years old and Olivia was found at the bottom of the sea.

I don’t have enough tears or reproaches. There is no validity of reasoning or words to describe the repulsion I feel.

Wonder what kind of monster has the cold blood to tie a defenseless baby to an anchor and sink it to a thousand meters deep.


Point the failure to my account

… for not having spread the news.

Note the police that they have not tracked the ship on time, despite knowing that it has sailed. Point out the society that has not paid for a psychologist to detect the monster in time and the companies that chip their workers but not dangerous people.

Let´s point to the sky and keep crying as if it works.


Read everything that has been published on the networks at once

What was done or not. Messages of support from political figures, well placed in the public eye. 

I wonder what good texts are here, apart from explaining second by second how to lose the faith that we have left.

Ask to know how taxpayer funds are being spent

How much of it has gone into finding the girls?

Has anyone asked for a satellite? Has there been an expert in ships and another in maritime meteorology, willing to calculate how far the tracking radius had to be extended?

What were the directives on the part of the police management and which of the politicians we voted for?

I wonder if an extraordinary meeting was held in which all the minds of the parliament are put to work for the best solution in the rescue of the creatures.

It is one more day in the lives of poor citizens

In the end the culprit is an individual. How convenient and familiar. 

Let them burn him if found or cut off his head: I don’t care because it will still not be an effective solution and the medieval age is behind us.

We cannot continue to use the networks just to praise stir-fries and cry over accusations. Bring forth the courage of the truth.

Teach what is done with funds, public or private at all times and that decisions respect life and not financial interests. Enough of nonsense, because no mask is going to protect us from the gaze of the future.

The change depends on us and I would give everything I have right now to make it understood.

Let there be no more Olivias and Annas, please beg.


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